Adding an invitation in the Invitation Manager

You can add invitations to a questionnaire in the Invitation Manager. The RAM toolbar is in the RAM console. You must have the Web client installed to use the RAM Server toolbar and the Invitation Manager.

The Create Questionnaire Invitations value is defaulted from the current questionnaire.

To add a new invitation in the Invitation Manager

  1. In the RAM toolbar, select Invite.

  2. In the Invitation Manager toolbar, select New Invitation.

  3. In the Create Questionnaire Invitations, type a Displayed Invitation title, if needed.

  4. Select a Questionnaire, if needed.

  5. In the Invitation Options area, select Enable Expiration Date, if necessary.

  6. Type or provide an expiration date, if necessary.

  7. Select Enable Email Notifications, if necessary.

  8. In the Quiz area, select Enable Quizzing, if necessary.

  9. Provide the minimum passing percentage, if necessary.

  10. Provide the number of extra chances, if necessary.

  11. Select Add Users.

  12. In the RAM Server users, select the users.

  13. Select Add Selected Users.

  14. Select Close.

  15. Select Invite.

  16. In the Invitations Created message, click OK.

  17. In the Create Questionnaire Invitations, click Close.