About the RAM Server toolbar

In the RAM console, you can use the RAM Server toolbar. The toolbar lets you access the RAM Server in a network environment. The network must have the RAM Web client installed. You must be a member of the RAM Administrators or the RAM PowerUsers group. The RAM Server lets you maintain the questionnaires and the responses in a central location on the network.

You can do the following:


Displays the Open a Questionnaire from the RAM Server dialog. Select a questionnaire to open it in the RAM console


Displays the Publish a Questionnaire. Select a questionnaire and publish the questionnaire to the RAM Server.


Add users to an invitation. You can select an invitation template, manually add users and groups, or load a CSV file. You can also create an invitation template.


Saves the responses.


Opens the Asset Reporting tool. The tool creates a report on the assets.


Link the RAM Server components to Symantec Control Compliance Suite