About using the Next Hop tool

The goal of the Next Hop tool is to collect data for specific attesters. The Next Hop tool lets you create custom paths through the questionnaire. The attesters are shown the questions that are based on their response to a previous question.

If the attester selects an answer to a question, the response omits unnecessary questions. You change the flow of the questionnaire to "hop" from an answer to another question. The hop can skip one or more questions. When you have created a hop, a yellow box is added to the lower left corner of the original response icon.

Questions that are skipped as part of the Next Hop may cause the questionnaire to be marked as incomplete. The unanswered questions may be imported as evidence into the Control Compliance Suite Policy module.

We recommend the following best practices when you create hops:

You can accomplish the following tasks using the Next Hop tool: