Adding a question

You add a question to a group in a questionnaire.

A question type defines the question. If the questions belong to the same type, you can add multiple questions at one time using either a CSV file or the dialog.

The following characters are not supported for use in a memo question or a note question:









Forward slash




In the console, a question that is over 255 characters in length is not completely displayed. The question is visible in the Web client and the Reporting tools. The maximum length of a question is 1024 characters, including spaces.

You must add the group to the questionnaire before you can add a question.

See About question types.

To add a question

  1. Right-click the selected group name, and in the submenu select Add > New Question(s).

  2. In the Add One Question per line dialog box, type the question.

    If the questions are the same question type, you may add several questions at the same time.

  3. Press Enter to start a new line.

  4. When you are finished typing the questions, if the question type is single-choice, then select one of the answer templates.

    An answer template automatically applies the set of answers to all of the typed questions.

  5. Select the question type. This action closes the dialog box and applies the question to the group.

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