Editing the RAMServer.exe.config file to enable SSL

The SSL configuration and the RAM Server configuration depend on the organization's policies and strategies. The guidelines for SSL and the RAM Server are not product requirements. For secure communications, you should enable SSL on IIS and SQL Server.

The RAM Server does not require user certificates. If your network requires user certificates, the RAM Server virtual directory must be configured to ignore user certificates. If SSL is enabled on the IIS Server, you can change the RAMServer.exe.config file to configure the SSL enabled setting.

In the installation directory, the following changes are required in the RAMServer.exe.config file, if SSL is enabled on the IIS Server.

To edit the RAMServer.exe.config file to enable SSL

  1. Navigate to <program files>\Symantec\Response Assessment module Server\Application Server

  2. Open the RAMServer.exe.config in Notepad

  3. In the <appSettings> section, add the following line:

    <add key="SSLEnabled" value="true" />