What you can do with the Response Assessment module

The Response Assessment module lets you measure a business process. These processes include enterprise compliance, business continuity, information and physical security, governance, and protection of intellectual property. The Response Assessment module increases your comprehension of your responsibility in the company. The Response Assessment module provides a way to comply with company and best practice standards.

The benefits are the following:

Customizable, easy-to-use interface

Accommodates the business-specific needs

Structured approach and proven methodology

Standardizes the assessment process for the more effective corporate-wide assessments

Weight capability emphasizes the importance of the question and severity of the answer

Enables the management personnel to measure process, control, and business relevance

Automated data collection

Reduces the cost of data collection

Faster turnaround times

Increases the productivity gains

Easy import functionality

Facilitates the integration of questionnaires and provides a comprehensive assessment management library to support the business objectives

XML-based data format

Provides for the import and export of assessment data to other applications

Predefined assessment packs available

Comprehensive library provides a matrix of assessments to address many regulations and best practices

Stand-alone client application deployable to remote sites

Reduces the costs and time for data collection

Comparative analysis

Compares the assessments for gap analysis results

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