How the Response Assessment module works

With the Response Assessment module, you can access a library of compliance content packs. The Response Assessment module uses a globally unique identifier (GUID) to maintain the relationships between the Response Assessment module objects.

You can customize a questionnaire with the console tools. You can modify the importance rank of a single-choice question or a multiple-choice question with the Weight Wizard. You can create an answer template, or use one of the predefined templates. The spell checker utility checks the spelling of the questions and answers. You can distribute the questionnaire with either the Windows client or the Web client.

The attester creates a response to the questionnaire and can add comments to any question. The response is saved as an XMLR file.

You generate reports in the Response Wizard or with the Asset Reporting tool. You can create charts to visualize your data. You can create a remediation task list, identify the task owners, and set the necessary action items to track the process.

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