About the RAM console

With the RAM console, you create and manage the questionnaire, which is the source of your assessment. The console consists of the tools that work together to boost productivity and enhance the assessment creation experience. The console uses a tree structure to group objects into folders. To expand the folders, click the plus (+) sign or double-click the folder. Expand the folders to show detailed information. You can do common tasks by right-clicking the folder or the object and selecting the task.

The questionnaire author does the following:

The questionnaire author accomplishes the common tasks with the console tools.

The tools are as follows:

Weight Wizard

Change the importance of a question or the severity of an answer

Answer Templates

Add a predefined list of answers to one or several questions

Import Tool

Import questions to a group from an external source

Next Hop tool

Change the logic of a questionnaire

Spell Checker

Check the spelling of questions and answers

If you have the RAM Web client installed and have the appropriate permissions, you can use the RAM Server toolbar in the console.

With the toolbar, you can do the following:

In the Invitation Manager, you can do the following:

The questionnaire author works with the following objects:


A method that collects data. A set of questions that calls for responses on the part of the attester.


A collection of things that are considered similar.


An inquiry that asks for a response.


A possible solution to the question.


A reply, answer, or additional information that is returned to a questionnaire author.

The questionnaire author can add objects to a questionnaire, even if the questionnaire is a content pack. The questionnaire author can add an object with the selection of the appropriate tool in the taskbar.

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