About the Response Assessment module (RAM) components

The Response Assessment module is an integrated environment that lets you access, configure, manage, administer, and develop questionnaires. The module combines a broad group of graphical tools to provide access to questionnaires for questionnaire authors and administrators of all skill levels. The module provides the complete solution for questionnaire development and management. The module unites these tools into one powerful and easy-to-use environment. The RAM console tools and features focus on the questionnaire tasks. The console provides the ability to quickly create viable assessments.

The following are the assessment activities:

You can schedule the distribution of questionnaires using the Invitation Manager.

If you have installed the Symantec Control Compliance Suite, you can also use negative responses as evidence in the Policy view.

For more information, see Symantec Control Compliance Suite User Guide.

The following describes the components:

RAM console

Prepares the questionnaire

RAM Windows Client

Lets the attesters respond to questionnaires

RAM Web Client

Lets the attesters respond to questionnaires in a Web format

Response Wizard

Views the responses and generates the reports

Content Packs

Created for different regulatory or best-practice verifications and checks

More Information

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