Using private channels

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To create a private channel, issue a 'private request' to another user. The remote user will have to accept this request. A new private channel will be created automatically and both users will be placed in it, leaving any channels they might be joined to at the time. If one of the users exits a private channel, the second user will automatically exit it also and that private channel will be destroyed.

note If a private request was sent to multiple users and one of them accepts it, the other private requests become invalid and accepting them will do nothing.

Sending a private request

To send a private request
  1. Issue the 'Request private' command by right-clicking on the target user and selecting the Request private menu item ( details).
  2. The 'Request Private' window will appear ( illustration).
  3. Enter optional private request text.
  4. Click on the Request button.

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Accepting a private request

To accept a private request
  1. When a user sends a private request to you, you will see the 'Private Request' window ( illustration).
  2. Click on the Accept button.
  3. Clicking the User info button will display the inviter's user info window.

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