Send Message connection mode

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When connected in 'Send message' mode you can send text messages to a remote computer. This message will appear on the remote computer in a pop-up window which will attract the computer user's attention.

Creating a message

When you are connected in this mode a 'New message' window ( illustration) will appear. You can enter a message in the window and then send it.

Enter the message text into the input field. Press the 'Send' button to send the message to the remote computer or the 'Cancel' button to close the window without sending a message.

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Using Colors

The 'Color picker' toolbar button or the '<Ctrl>+<K>' key combination displays a color picker window ( illustration). where you can select the current text color or paint selected text.

Click on the corresponding color tab in the 'Color picker' window or press a highlighted character as a hotkey to select a color.

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Receiving a message

When you send a message to a remote computer, it will automatically appear in a pop-up message window ( illustration).

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