File Transfer interface

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The File Transfer window ( illustration) interface is mirrored in two panes. The left pane shows the local computer's files and the right pane shows the remote computer's files. You can navigate freely inside either pane to find files and folders:

Using the toolbar

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Hotkeys list for File Transfer connection mode:


Access the local computer's folder selection menu (in the left panel).


Access the remote computer's folder selection menu (in the right panel).


Item properties.


Creates a new file transfer connection window.


Selects all files and directories.


Sort by name.


Sort by type.


Sort by time.


Sort by size.


Rename a selected file or folder.


Copy selected files and directories to/from the remote computer.


Create a new folder.

<F8>, <Del>

Delete a selected file or folder.


Refresh the active pane.


Edit the active pane's path.

<Shift>+<F10>, <Apps>

Display the file or folder context menu.


Open a selected file in the local computer pane.


Show the contents of the parent folder/drive.


Switch between panes.


Move the focus from the local or remote folder path to its file listing.

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Using drag-and-drop

You can copy files and folders to and from the remote computer by dragging and dropping them from one pane to another.

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Selecting files and folders

Using the File Transfer interface you can select multiple files and/or folders for copy and delete operations as you do with Explorer:

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