Intel® AMT connection mode

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warningIntel® AMT connection mode requires Windows 2000 or later.

Connecting to a remote computer

If the remote computer is configured to use Intel® AMT technology Radmin Viewer can connect to it by using 'Intel® AMT connection mode'.

To connect to a remote computer via Intel® AMT connection mode:
  1. Add a phonebook record for the target computer.
  2. Right-click on the record to display the Record context menu ( illustration).
  3. Choose the Intel® AMT menu item.
  4. Choose the AMT operation to be performed.

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AMT operations

Radmin Viewer supports the following Intel® AMT operations:

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AMT security

Radmin Viewer supports 'Small Business' Intel® AMT security where remote computer access is protected by login and password. For any new Intel® AMT connection Radmin Viewer will display an authentication window ( illustration).

noteIntel® AMT must be enabled and configured on the remote computer for this command to be effective.

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Terminal window

A terminal window is displayed if the remote computer is connected in the 'BIOS Remote Control', 'Startup Remote Control' or 'Network Boot' Intel® AMT connection modes. This window displays all the text information that the remote computer displays during its boot up sequence, including its BIOS interface and operating system’s initial loading menus. Any keyboard keys pressed on your local computer while this window is active are sent to the remote computer.

AMT terminal window
AMT terminal window

The terminal window menu has the following commands

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Network boot

If you are connected to the remote computer using the 'Network Boot' Intel® AMT connection mode the 'Network boot' window will be displayed ( illustration).

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