Workflow reports

A variety of reports are available in the Web console. These reports give you access to data extracted from the workflow log history to help you quickly check status, identify and resolve bottlenecks, measure or evaluate the effectiveness of workflows, keep track of details for auditing purposes, etc. You can also print the reports or save the data to a file.

Report options

The following is a list of the various pre-designed workflow reports available in Process Manager.

To access reports and histories

  1. From the main Process Manager screen, click Tools | Web application.
  2. Enter your login credentials and click OK.
  3. Click the Reports icon at the left side of the Web console.
  4. Choose the report you want to generate from the list
  5. Select the desired filter options.
  6. Click Run report.


You can use the available filters to narrow the scope of the reports. For example, for the Due dates report, you can filter by workflow name, user name, workflow status, and due date range.  Different filters are available for each report, depending on the data being displayed.


You can also display a graph or pie chart to help interpret and compare the data in the report. After selecting a report, click the Graphical view tab. Click Print graph to send the graph to your default printer.