Requests list

The Requests list displays a list of any workflows in which you have one or more assignments. To display the requests list, click the Requests icon.

The upper panel lists the request ID, the external system ID, the current status, the date the request was received, and the name of the requester (if the Requester field was defined in the event listener).


You can narrow the list using the filters listed below.

Details and histories

The lower panel in the Requests list displays details for the workflow selected in the upper panel. It also includes a set of six tabs, each of which gives you additional insights into your workflows from a system perspective. These additional views can help you understand how well specific workflows are working in your environment. You may also find it helpful in identifying bottlenecks, scheduling conflicts, or other factors that can help you to adapt your processes for increased efficiency.

To see details for any workflow listed in the upper panel, click anywhere in the row for that workflow, then click one of the tabs to access the additional options.