Mapping fields for Remedy forms

Once you have used Process Manager's Configure Fields tool to create the fields you want to use for Remedy, you can map them to the corresponding fields in the Remedy form that your workflow needs to interact with. You do this using the Property mappings dialog box, which you access from the Attributes panel.

To map Process Manager fields to Remedy fields
  1. Drag the Remedy action you want to use to the canvas.
  2. Click on the Remedy action to define its attributes.
  3. In the Attributes panel, click the Request Form row.
  4. Click the Browse [...] button to open the Property mappings dialog box.
  5. Select the form and view you want to interact with, using the drop-down list boxes.
  6. In the Form fields window, select the Remedy field you want to map.
  7. In the Field mapping window, click the plus sign [+] next to the field category, then click the Process Manager field you want to assign to the selected field.
  8. When you finish defining a field, select its checkbox to save the mapping after you exit the dialog box.
  9. Repeat steps 6 and 7 for each field that needs to be mapped.
  10. When you have finished mapping fields, click OK to close the Property mappings dialog box.