Web application resources and troubleshooting

This section contains resources and troubleshooting information for the Web Application.

Accessing the Web Application

To avoid receiving an error message when launching the Web application, or when responding to a workflow-generated e-mail request, the user needs to be prompted to log on. To enable this, open the Internet Options menu (in Internet Explorer 7) and click Security | Custom level, and then click the Prompt for user name and password option under User Authentication. The user must have an account on the domain; otherwise, they will not be able to log in to the Web application and perform their tasks. If a user who does not have an account tries to approve or deny a change request from an e-mail, the system will generate an error.

Disallowing approve with conditions

You can hide the Approve with conditions button from the Web Application if you want to prevent approvers from using this functionality. To hide the button, run the Database Utility, enter your logon credentials, and click the General tab.  Check the Hide approve with conditions option, click OK twice, and close the Database Utility.

Turning off pop-up blockers

Pop-up blockers will restrict users from users from being able to use the approve with comments and deny change request tools. To make sure users can complete these requests, you need to turn off any pop-up blockers for the Web application.