You can incorporate web forms into your workflow processes to facilitate gathering information from users. When a web form is issued in the context of a workflow, users receive the form and fill out the fields. When they submit the form, the values of the fields are passed to Process Manager, which populates the fields according to the mappings you've set up.

To use web forms in Process Manager, see "Using web forms in workflows".

Microsoft InfoPath forms

To use InfoPath to create the forms, you need to set the required security options and data connections, and publish and save the forms for use in Process Manager. Then use the Forms tools in Process Manager to enable you to use your forms in workflow processes.

To enable the use of InfoPath forms in Process Manager:

Note: Microsoft InfoPath must be installed on the server, as well as any workstation that will use forms. Refer to the InfoPath documentation for detailed information on installing the application, creating forms, and understanding how to use InfoPath.