Field mapping

A field is a holding location for constant or variable data that can be retrieved by an event listener and then passed to and between workflow processes and their components. Field mappings define the relationships between the data retrieved and the values that need to be populated to enable workflows to proceed toward completion. Once this relationship is established, Process Manager is able to direct the data and populate the fields each time an event listener is run.

While event listeners tell Process Manager where to pull values from, field mappings specify how and where to use those values. Whenever an event listener runs, the associated fields are populated with the corresponding values.

A single field can be mapped to several external systems. Each mapping to an external system constitutes a separate and independent mapping. Once the corresponding field mappings are in place, you can create your workflow processes once and then exchange data actively and dynamically between external systems and your workflow processes.

Aside from delivering data to Process Manager, field mappings can also be used to pass data to and between system actions, LANDesk actions, web services, email templates, audit templates, and so on.

Note: Certain field mappings are required for running workflows:

For more information, see "Field details".