Adding workflow participants

Use the Contact Picker to add or assign participants in your workflow processes. For example, while creating a workflow you may need to specify approvers, assign manual tasks, add notification recipients, etc. Select the action requiring human intervention (decision, approval, etc.), and then assign the necessary attributes. The action is "selected" when you see a green box around the action's icon.

If the workflow includes approvers or task recipients from different domains, a trust relationship must exist between the domains. This enables users from both domains to log into the web application and complete their assigned tasks.

To assign a workflow participant
  1. Click the icon for action you want to assign
  2. In the Attributes window, click the row for the attribute that needs to be assigned.
  3. Click the [...] (ellipsis) button.
  4. Select a name from the list of Selected contacts and click OK. To remove a user or group as a participant, select the name and click Delete, then click OK.
To add a participant not currently in the list of contacts
  1. In the Contact Picker, click Add.
  2. In the Contact type drop-down list, specify user, group, or field.
  3. In the Contact location drop-down list, specify whether the user or group is local or domain-based.
  4. Type the participant's name or search string (e.g., smith*) and click Search.
  5. Select the participant from the list and click OK. You can use Ctrl or Shift to select multiple participants.
  6. If you are designating approvers, in the Completion logic panel select All must approve or Any may approve.
  7. Click OK to close the Contact Picker.

When you include an action that involves more than one approver, you can decide whether to require all approvers to OK the request, or whether only one approval is required. If you specify All must approve, you can also indicate a percentage, in order to allow something less than 100% (percentages are always rounded up).  If you specify Any may approve, the process will continue as soon as a single approval has been received.

If you include a group, Process Manager treats the entire group as an individual approver. Once an approval or denial is recorded by any member of the group, the approval is treated as a group decision and other group members can no longer approve or deny.

When the action is called during the course of a process, the participant receives an e-mail prompting them to perform the associated task, and the workflow waits until the participant responds before proceeding.

If you select Field as the contact type and add All who have approved as the participant, all approvers of the preceding action are assigned as approvers of the current action.

Note: For the User contact type, when users are passed in to Process Manager, they are resolved using one of two unique identifiers; the User ID or user name. The first name, last name, or any other parameter is not used.