Adding custom deny reason codes

You can add custom deny reason codes to the Get approval, Assign manual task, and Request information actions. These reason codes are used as the messaging to explain why an action has been denied. You can enter custom deny reason codes, so they appear in the drop-down menu. This is done by modifying the actionctrl.ascx file on the Process Manager server. Adding custom deny reason codes requires knowledge of HTML or XML since you need to modify the code.

Note: Custom reason codes are lost during an upgrade. You should make a copy of the file when upgrading (or reinstalling) so you will be able to restore the reason codes.

To add a custom deny reason code
  1. Access the actionctrl.ascx file from the following location:
    \\LANDesk\Process Manager\Web Services\LANDesk.Workflow.Web\Controls.
  2. Locate the drop-down list for the action you want to add a reason code to (the drop-down lists are labeled with comment tags).
  3. Insert a new list item in the list: <asp:ListItem Value="[value written to the database]" Text="[text that displays in the UI]"></asp:ListItem>

    Note: The only required parameters are Value and Text. Typically, they are the same.

  4. Save and close the file.