LANDeskĀ® Process Manager

LANDeskĀ® Process Manager is a workflow platform that operates as an integrated business process and workflow management system. It enables you to establish workflows and processes, as well as exercise change management in order to achieve a higher level of efficiency and more effectively manage your areas of responsibility. Process Manager assists you with implementing defined procedures into every aspect of your business, including IT, Helpdesk, engineering, human resources, sales, marketing, documentation, training, and so on in order to assign ownership, drive task and objective completion, enhance business performance, and maximize profitability. The benefits of Process Manager can be measured in the following ways:

Process Manager is the ideal tool for employing process management within your business. Use Process Manager to continuously improve and standardize process and workflow procedures, promote a collaborative environment, and increase cooperation and communication between departments. You'll see the positive results manifested in terms of customer and employee satisfaction, productivity, and return on investment.

Process Manager also extends and enhances the functionality of client applications that participate in the workflow process. This means immediate returns on your existing investments in addition to the benefits that Process Manager provides.

How Process Manager works

To get the most out of Process Manager, it helps to have an understanding of the different components that work together with Process Manager to result in the successful completion of workflow processes. See"Process Manager component interactions" for a conceptual illustration.

Process Designer is the tool you will use to plan, design, and deploy workflows. You'll also use it to set up mail and audit templates, define field mappings and event listeners, and import and export workflows.

The LPM Core Server hosts the LPM database, the workflow engine, and in many cases, Process Designer.

The Database Utility is used to create the workflow database, create and manage connections to Active directory users and groups, set up and maintain connections to the LANDesk core server and third party applications, and maintain or update the product license.

E-mail, Web, and Database event listeners monitor and receive information from a designated data source in order to trigger workflows to start. They also receive and hand off any pertinent data to enable the workflow to proceed to completion.

The Web Application enables workflow participants to receive workflow status and notification messages, approve or deny requests, and receive and complete assigned tasks from any location, using just a web browser. Participants can check their workflow To-do list, display detailed reports, graphs, and audit histories, and pause/resume or cancel workflows.

Process Designer takes advantage of existing Active Directory users and groups to facilitate interactions with workflow owners, participants, and recipients of workflow assignments and requests.

The LANDesk Integration enables Process Manager to initiate and automate a variety of key LANDesk actions on the LDMS core server, such as scheduling software or patch deployments, scanning and autofixing vulnerabilities, adding/deleting devices, and so on.

Process Integration Modules (PIMs) provide the necessary integration for Process Manager to interact with and initiate actions on certain supported 3rd Party IT-based applications.