Database utility

The Database utility, a separate tool included with LANDesk Process Manager, enables you to configure and manage your databases. The Database utility resides on the server and connects to the Process Manager database server and other databases being used in conjunction with your workflow platform. It is also used to establish connections to local and Active Directory users and groups so they can be included as participants in the workflows you define in Process Manager, and to create and maintain connections to LANDesk core servers and other applications.

You will also use the Database utility to manage your product licenses for Process Manager and any integration modules you have purchased. Any changes or updates to the product license after the initial installation of Process Manager are handled via the Database utility.  See "Importing a product license".

The database server can reside either on the same machine as the Process Manager server or on a separate machine.

Note: Process Manager requires Microsoft SQL as the native database. However, you can use any ODBC-compliant database with your workflows and database listeners.