Specifying the files to include in the package

You need to specify the files that you want to include in the package. For each file in the package you must set the installation path and the path inside the package.

The list displays details of all the files that are currently included in the package. The following information is shown for each file:

The name of the file that is included in the package.
The file size in KB.
Installation Path
The location on the managed Pocket PC at which the file is to be installed.
Path inside Package
The location in the Vendor Files fileset at which the file is stored. This is also used to set the file location in the package depot.

If you are creating a package using a CAB file, the selected CAB file is listed. If the CAB file has been unpacked, the files contained in the CAB are listed. The appropriate installation path is shown for each file. You do not need to add any files, but you may do so if you want to customize the package.

To set up the files to include in the package

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