Setting the package identification properties

You need to specify the package name and package ID. You can also add a package description and set up the package classes and dependencies.

The package ID is the unique identifier of the package, and is used by the Symantec LiveState Configuration Server to identify and locate the package and its components in the Symantec LiveState Package Depot. The package ID defines the name of the subdirectory in the Package Depot that contains the package components. If the package includes any files, they are stored in a subdirectory with an identical name in the vendor files directory.

The package ID format is an 8.3 DOS-like name. The file name may be up to eight alphanumeric characters. The extension is optional, and may be up to three alphanumeric characters.

To ensure that the package ID is unique for each package in the Package Depot, it is recommended that you define suitable naming conventions and apply them to each package that you create.

If you are creating a package from a CAB file, the Information within CAB file (Used for `Remove Programs') area is displayed. This area is read-only, and contains the name of the application that will be installed by the CAB file.

To specify the package identification properties

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