Locating and identifying CAB files

This section provides information to help you locate and identify the CAB files that you need to create a package for the Pocket PC.

If you have an ActiveSync connection to a Pocket PC device, and have already installed the application on the Pocket PC using the ActiveSync connection, you can easily find the CAB file that you require.

If the application has not already been installed on a Pocket PC, and you do not have an existing ActiveSync connection to install it, you may be able to locate the CAB installation file by doing the following:

  • If the installation file has a .CAB extension, it may be the CAB file that you need.

Try to create a package with it in the Pocket PC Wizard.

  • Some applications are delivered in ZIP files or self-extracting executable formats that can be opened and expanded.

If you can open or expand the installation file, you should be able to find the CAB file that you want. If there are multiple CAB files, choose the one that includes the string "ARM" or "2577" in its file name.

  • If the application has been delivered as an MSI or Setup.exe installation, you should install the application on your Pocket PC, and then locate the required CAB file as described below.

To find the CAB file for an installed Pocket PC application

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