The Install command installs applications on the Pocket PC. The application is delivered to the Pocket PC as a CAB file in the vendor file directory.

This command has the following format:

Install Application_Name CAB_Filename  

Where the following arguments are defined:

  • Application_Name is the name of the application exactly as it appears in the list. You access the list by clicking Settings > System > Remove Programs from the control panel utility on the managed Pocket PC.
  • CAB_Filename is the name of the CAB file containing the installation files.

For example, "%vendorfiles%/MyApp.ARM.CAB".

When the Install command is used to install applications, the Agent for Pocket PC checks whether the application is already installed on the managed Pocket PC. This prevents the user from being interrupted with a confirmation dialog. However, a progress indicator that requires no input from the user always appears briefly while the installation is taking place. This is due to the behavior of the Windows CE utilities themselves, and it is not under the control of the Agent for Pocket PC.

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