A hard reset of a Pocket PC is a highly destructive action. It terminates and deletes all running programs, all user data is lost, and the Pocket PC is set back to its original factory settings. The Agent for Pocket PC is likely to be terminated and deleted from the device as well.

The only reasons why you would perform a hard reset from a package script are:

  • The Pocket PC is a managed device, the Agent for Pocket PC is either stored in flash memory or on a storage card, or the user is prepared to re-install the Agent for Pocket PC, and there is some unrecoverable problem with the Pocket PC that requires it to be completely restored.
  • The Pocket PC has been lost or stolen, and for security reasons it is necessary to completely remove all user data and installed applications.

Warning: Use the HardReset command with extreme caution in a package script.

This command has the following format:


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