The Alert command notifies the user of a managed Pocket PC of a pending management action or some other important information. It allows both a message display and sound notification. This might be used, for example, to inform the user that a soft reset of the Pocket PC is going to be performed after an installation completes, or that the process of removing an application is going to cause other open windows to be closed.

This command has the following format:

Alert Message Sound Repeat  

Where the following arguments are defined:

  • Message is the text of a message to be displayed.
  • Sound is the optional name of a sound file

For example, "/Windows/notify.wav"

  • Repeat is the number of times to repeat the sound.

If only the Message is required, the Sound and Repeat arguments may be omitted. If Sound notification is required, Repeat must be specified. If only the Sound is required, the Message argument should be provided as an empty string (in quotes). If Sound is provided as an empty string (in quotes) the system default sound will be used.

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