Generating package scripts

You can specify whether the post-install and post-remove scripts will be generated by the Pocket PC Wizard.

Note: When you are creating a new package, by default the scripts are generated. You can edit them later if you wish.

When you are modifying a package, by default the scripts are not generated. If you choose to generate any scripts, they will replace the existing scripts. Use this feature only if you are sure that you want to overwrite the existing scripts.

You can choose to include a soft reset command in the generated post-install script. A soft reset is a non-destructive action that terminates all active applications on the Pocket PC, but does not remove existing applications, files or databases from the device. For example, some applications require that a soft reset be performed following installation in order to function properly, or you may need to force updated registry settings to take effect.

If a soft reset command is included in the post-install script, the soft reset is performed on the Pocket PC after the application installation has successfully completed.

Note: When you deploy a package that uses a CAB file to a Pocket PC, the installed application appears in the System/Remove Programs utility on the Pocket PC device. This lets the user of the device remove the application from the Pocket PC without administrator action. If the user removes the application in this manner, there will be no record of its removal in the Command Center. The Site Administrator will expect that the application is still installed on the device.

To select the package scripts to generate

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