Technical Support

Symantec Technical Support maintains support centers globally. Technical Support’s primary role is to respond to specific queries on product feature/function, installation, and configuration, as well as to author content for our online Knowledge Base. Technical Support works collaboratively with the other functional areas within Symantec to respond to your questions in a timely fashion.

Symantec’s maintenance offerings include:

Please visit our Web site at for information on Symantec’s Maintenance Programs. The specific features available may vary based on the level of maintenance purchased and the specific product that you are using.

Contacting Technical Support

Customers with a current maintenance agreement may access Technical Support contact details online at Maintenance Customers may also contact Technical Support through Symantec’s e-service site at

Before contacting Technical Support, make sure you have satisfied the system requirements that are listed in your product documentation. Also, it is helpful to be at the computer on which the problem occurred, in case it is necessary to re-create the problem.

When contacting Technical Support, please have the following information at hand:

Licensing and Registration

If the product that you are implementing requires registration and/or a license key, the fastest and easiest way to register your service is to access the Symantec licensing and registration site at

Contacting Customer Service

To contact Enterprise Customer Service go to and select Contact Customer Service. Customer Service is available to assist with the following non-technical questions:

Contacting Consulting Services

Through Symantec Consulting Services, you can receive on-site technical expertise from Symantec and/or its trusted partners. Our consulting services focus on solutions that give organizations the ability to converge their systems, storage, and security management disciplines into one holistic infrastructure. This makes it easier for you to realize the full benefits of Symantec technology and accelerate your return on investment in managing your IT life cycle from initial deployment to retirement.

Symantec Consulting Services offer a variety of pre-packaged and customizable options that include assessment, design, implementation, monitoring and management capabilities, each focused on establishing and maintaining the integrity and availability of your IT resources. Please visit our Web site to request information on Symantec Consulting Services at

Maintenance Agreement Resources

If you want to contact Symantec regarding an existing maintenance agreement, please contact the maintenance agreement administration team for your region as follows:

Asia-Pacific & Japan

Europe, Middle-East, and Africa

North America & Latin America