Setting up a storage card for Pocket PC management

The utilities necessary for setting up a storage card are included in the Pocket PC Administrator's Toolkit.

To set up a storage card:

  1. Edit the file AgentCfg.txt (default location is C:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\Agent Manager\AgentFiles_420.)

Define the values for the ServerName and ServerAddress settings so that they refer to those of the Configuration Server to which the device will be connecting. Optionally define other settings for the device. More info...

  1. You can enable autoconfiguration to preassign jobs to the device. The jobs will be executed after the Agent for Pocket PC has been installed and run. To accomplish this, make the following settings in the AutoRun configuration file AutoRunCfg.txt:




  1. On the storage card, create a top-level directory named 2577. Into that directory, copy the following files:



AutoRunCfg.txt (if you have made changes as per Step 2)


Note: A Agent for Pocket PC that is installed with a storage card does not appear in the device's Remove Programs list. If you want to remove the agent from the device without an ActiveSync connection, you must include Remove.exe.

  1. Copy the entire AgentFiles_420 subdirectory from your computer to the \2577 directory on the storage card and rename it "InstalledFiles". (The default location of the AgentFiles_420 directory on your computer is <drive>:\Program Files\Symantec\LiveState Delivery\Pocket PC\Agent Manager\AgentFiles_420.)

Note: On the storage card, the AgentFiles_420 subdirectory contains files with the same names as  files listed in Step 3, above. Variable values are used from the files that you put directly under the \2577 directory). Any "duplicate" files in the AgentFiles_420 directory on the card are ignored.

  1. If desired, set up the storage card so that it configures the Pocket PC device before running the agent. How to...