Using Dynamic Groups

This feature provides the ability to create device groups based on whatever criteria users choose, without having to create device shortcuts. Dynamic groups can be created for specific device types, device attributes, active monitors, or anything else that is stored for individual devices in the database. Dynamic groups act as SQL queries that run on the WhatsUp Gold database, and can display real-time data if viewed through a report that is set to automatically refresh.

WhatsUp Gold is pre-configured with dynamic group examples, which you can see in the Devices view, under Device Groups.

All of the Dynamic Group Examples are active, so if you have devices that meet the criteria, you will see the device displayed within the group. In the web interface, the dynamic group display is refreshed every 2 minutes. A group is also refreshed when you select it.

To view or edit the criteria for a dynamic group, right-click the group name, then select properties.

Note: Dynamic groups on the web interface do not follow group access rights. Anyone with the ability to view the device group that a dynamic group is in can access that dynamic group. However, only devices that the user has the permission to view appear in the group.

To configure dynamic groups:

To use the SQL Dynamic Group dialog:

  1. Enter a Display name for the group, enter the group Description, and enter an SQL query in the Filter box that identifies the devices you want to appear in that group.
  2. Click OK to add the group to the device list. SQL validation occurs as soon as you click OK. If the filter fails, an error message appears.

In addition to the pre-configured dynamic groups, we have provided several sample filters for you to create some very interesting dynamic groups.

Tip: You can learn more about the database structure by downloading the database schema file on the WhatsUp Gold support page.