Performance: Interface Utilization (Last X hours/days - Specific Interface)

This device-level workspace report displays a line graph that details the interface utilization percentage during a selected time period. Adding this workspace report to a workspace allows you to easily monitor interfaces experiencing problems.

To display more than one interface, use the Interface Utilization (All Interfaces) workspace report.

To configure this workspace report:

  1. On the workspace report page, click Menu > Configure.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
    • Report name. Enter a title for the workspace report.
    • Device. Select a device by clicking the Browse (...) button.
    • Interface to graph. For devices with more than one interface, select an interface to graph from the drop-down menu.
    • Date range. Select a date range from the drop-down menu. The default is 4 hours.
    • Graph type. Select the type of graph you would like the report to display.
    • Trend type. Select the type of trend you would like the report to use.
    • Dimensions. Select the dimension in which you would like the graph to display.
      • Width. Enter a width for the report in pixels.
      • Height. Enter a height for the report in pixels.
    • Vertical Axis Scaling. Select either auto or fixed scale.
      • Min. Enter a number for the lowest point on the Y axis.
      • Max. Enter a number for the highest point on the Y axis.
      • Graph the maximum. Select this option to display a graph of the maximum over the selected time period.
  3. Click OK to save changes.

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