Last Polled CPU Utilization (specific CPU)

This home-level workspace report provides graphical illustration of a device's CPU utilization at the time of the last poll. Placing this workspace report in a workspace will allow you to view a device's CPU status quickly, even from across the room.

There are five types of graphs to choose from:

Along with the various types of graphs to choose from, you can also pick the display size of the graph (small, medium, or large).

Under each type of graph, the CPU size is listed in MBs, along with the percentages for used and free space.

To configure this workspace report:

  1. On the workspace report page, click Menu > Configure.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
    • Report name. Enter a title for the workspace report.
    • Device. Select a device by clicking the Browse (...) button.
    • CPU to graph. Select the CPU that you want to monitor.
    • Graph type. Select the type of graph you would like the report to display.
  3. Click OK to save changes.

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