General: SNMP Details

This device-level workspace report displays a device's SNMP details. You can use this workspace report to display a variety of device-specific SNMP details to assist in monitoring important devices. For example, you can use it to monitor how long a device has been up and to pin-point its down time.

Click on the device to bring up its Device Status Report.

To configure this workspace report:

  1. On the workspace report page, click Menu > Configure.
    • Report name. Enter a title for the workspace report.
    • Device. Select a device for the report by clicking the Browse (...) button.
      • Click Add to add another OID to the SNMP value list from the MIB Browser.
      • Select an existing OID, then click Edit to make a change.
      • Select an existing OID, then click Remove to delete it from the list.
      • Move an OID up or down the list by selecting it and clicking either Move Up or Move Down.
  2. Click OK to save changes.

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