Report of Migration Results

This dialog displays messages that the migration utility generates during the upgrade process.

Be sure to review the results and review any warning or error that you may find. If there is an error with an imported file, review the map file that was indicated.

If there is an SQL error, be aware that the problem may be an unexpected setup or condition and you may need to contact Ipswitch Technical Support or the Knowledge Base for potential work-around.

Trigger time warnings may effect your desired notification settings. Review those triggers and determine which best suits your needs. You can change those settings to a predefined state change, or create a new one to more closely match your original WhatsUp Gold v7/v8 settings and them re-import.

If you would like to view this log later, you can access it at any time from the <install directory>/data/logs directory, as it contains a history of all migration attempts. This log is also useful for customer support calls.

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