Active/Performance Monitors to Scan

Use this dialog to select the Active Monitors and Performance Monitors that you want WhatsUp Gold to scan for during Discovery. When new devices are found and added to the database, WhatsUp Gold configures the devices with the Active Monitors and Performance Monitors found.

Devices already in your database that match the discovery criteria are scanned for the services selected here. When a new active monitor is found, it is listed in the Active Discovery Results report.

The top list displays Active Monitors that have been defined in the Active Monitor Library with the Use in Discovery option selected.

The bottom list displays all Performance Monitors defined in the Performance Monitor Library. For more information about performance monitors, see Performance Monitor Overview.

After you select the Active Monitors and Performance Monitors to be used in the scan process, the settings will be used during the next scheduled Active Discovery task.

About interface monitors: During discovery, interface monitors are added after the scan, only if a device has multiple physical interfaces. If a device only has one interface, then no interface monitors are added, even if the interface monitor is selected to be scanned. A Loopback interface does not count.

About SNMP monitors: SNMP monitors, including interface monitors, require a community string. The community string can be specified on the SNMP Communities section of the IP Range Scan, or on the SNMP SmartScan Settings section of the SNMP SmartScan.