Monitoring SNMP Service

You can select SNMP on a device's Services dialog box (Properties > Services) and monitor it just as you can monitor any TCP service. This checks to see if the SNMP service is running on the device.

To monitor whether SNMP is running on a device

First, you need to add an SNMP Active Monitor to the device.

To assign an SNMP Active Monitor to a device:

  1. In the Device Properties Active Monitor dialog, click Add. The Active Monitor Properties dialog opens.
  2. Select the SNMP Active Monitor, then click Next.
  3. Set the polling properties for the monitor, then click Next.
  4. Set up an Action for the monitor state changes.
  5. Click Finish to add the monitor to the device.

Note: An SNMP-manageable device is identified on the map by a star in the upper-right corner of the device.