MAC Address Tool

The MAC Address tool enables you to discover what MAC addresses are present on your network and gives you the opportunity to obtain physical connectivity information for devices on your network. This tool is useful to solve IP address conflicts within your network by providing you with specific switch information.

Tool results

The results of the test are displayed at the bottom of the page:

MAC address discovery

SNMP connectivity information discovery

To use the MAC Address Tool:

  1. Enter or select the appropriate information into the following fields:
    • Local subnet. Enter the subnet you would like to find MAC addresses for.
    • Get connectivity information from using SNMP. If you would like switch-specific connectivity information for a device in the network, select this option.
    • Switch IP address. Enter the switch IP address.
    • SNMP credential. Select the SNMP credential that you use to poll this device.
    • Timeout. Enter the amount of time (in milliseconds) for the tool to wait on a response from the switch. The MAC address discovery fails if this time limit is exceeded.
    • Retry. Enter the maximum number of retries when polling the switch using SNMP.
    • Show results in new window. Select this option to have the results displayed in a new window.
    • Show results in formatted mode. Select this option to have the results displayed in a table format.
  2. Click Discover to run the test.

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