LDAP Credentials

This page is used to configure LDAP Credentials for WhatsUp Gold.

Note: In order for LDAP credentials to work, you must configure Web users for those users that you would like to grant access to. These users must match the LDAP credentials you have configured.

Authorize DN examples

Active Directory

  1. If you are using Active Directory, you can authenticate any user on the domain (after setting up a WhatsUp Gold Web user which matches the Active Directory login name for that Active Directory user) using the following format. As an example, for the domain IPSWITCH, you would use:


  2. If you're using Active Directory, but only want to allow users from a specific container to logon, use the following format. As an example, if your user, Bandy Wendy, is in the container, \OU=Sites\OU=KUL\OU=Non-Developers, on the bigbluepuddle.org domain, you would use:

    CN=%s,OU=Non- Developers,OU=KUL,OU=Sites,DC=bigbluepuddle,DC=org

    These DN strings use the Active Directory login name as the WhatsUp Gold user name.

Standard LDAP Server

If you're not using Active Directory, you will need to specify the LDAP attribute and path to the container which holds the user objects you want to use. An example could be,


Note: If you are unsure which LDAP attribute to use, or which path to specify, then contact your LDAP administrator or LDAP vendor.

For the above examples: The %s variable is replaced by the username/password information entered from their respective fields.