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SmartScan and IP Scan will discover and map devices using the SNMP identifiers to locate the specified devices. To scan for devices, you must also enter the proper Community name and, if you use the Device Discovery tool, select Identify via SNMP.

You can use multiple identifiers. For example, suppose a manufacturer named Acme makes three devices: the Acme 4500, the Acme 4501, and the Acme 4502. You could define one device type to represent any Acme device in the 4500 series; in the SNMP Object box, you would enter the three SNMP identifiers for the Acme 4500, 4501, and 4502. The Scan tool will use the icon for any of the three devices. Separate multiple SNMP object identifiers by semi-colons. The last number in the identifier can be an asterisk, a range using hyphens, or contain multiples separated by commas. For example:;,4*

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