Problem Areas: Device Group Mini Status

This home-level workspace report lists all devices in a device group and displays their status by color, allowing you to quickly see the status of devices in a group from across the room. Displaying multiple mini status reports within a workspace grants you a quick look at more than one group on your network and can help monitor important or problem areas more efficiently. You also have the option to display active monitors associated with the devices in a selected group, which is valuable in pin-pointing what services on your network are down.

To aid in maximizing your screen real estate, you have the ability to change the size of each mini status report. Even if the font size is too small to read at first glance, you can use the mouse-over text to find out the identity of a device. The static rows of the mini status also aid in device recognition, as devices always stay in the same row regardless of their current state.

Status icon colors are the same as the WhatsUp state colors:

To configure this workspace report:

  1. On the workspace report page, click Menu > Configure.
  2. Enter the appropriate information.
    • Report name. Enter a title for the workspace report.
    • Device group. Select a device group by clicking the Browse (...) button. To select every device on the network, regardless of their subgroup, select Every device.
    • Every device. Select this option to display every device in the system regardless of group. However, only devices that you have permissions to view will be displayed.
    • Style. Select the style and size in which you would like the mini status displayed.
    • Normal. Displays device and active monitor status with icons.
    • High Contrast. Displays device and active monitor status with bright colors.
    • Show Active Monitors. Select this option to display the active monitors associated with the group's devices.
    • Active Monitors per Row. Select the number of active monitors displayed per row.
    • Active Monitors Cell Width. Enter a cell width in pixels.
  3. Click OK to save changes.

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