Configuring Passive Monitor Listeners

A Passive Monitor Listeners listens for an event to occur and then notifies WhatsUp Gold. This lets you get notification of an event when it occurs, rather than polling for all event types. The Passive Monitor Listener is solely responsible for how it monitors its events. This means that the server could listen for network traffic or application specific events.

WhatsUp Gold is installed with three Passive Monitor Listeners:

Before you can configure Passive Monitors, you must configure listeners.

To configure a listener:

  1. In the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Program Options. The Program Options dialog opens.

    Note: If the Windows SNMP Trap Service (located in Control Panel > Services) is running on the WhatsUp Gold console PC, you should stop the service. This is a precaution to prevent any conflict with the WhatsUp passive monitor listener.

  2. Click Passive Monitor Listeners. The Passive Monitor Listeners display in a list.

    Passive Monitor Listeners dialog

  3. Select the listener you want to configure, then click Configure. The configuration dialog opens.
  4. Select the appropriate settings based on the listener you are configuring. For more information about the Passive Monitor Listener options, refer to the Help.
  5. Click OK to save changes.

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