Configure Top 10 Reports

Through this page, you can configure how you want your Top 10 report to look.

Change the order of the reports by selecting the report title and clicking Move Up or Move Down. Click Remove to add the report to the Reports not shown list.

If you want all of your reports to appear in a single column, select the reports on the Reports shown in column 2 list and click Remove to add them to the Reports not shown list. Then select those reports that you want to view and click the Add button next to the Reports shown in column 1 list.

For information on formatting report chart lines, please read the knowledge based article, How To Make Charts In WUP 2006 Use Straight Lines Instead Of Curves.


To create a print-friendly version of this report, click on the print icon in the upper right-hand corner of the page. This function only works when Client Side JavaScript is enabled.

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