Browse For Service

Use this dialog to browse for services on the specified device.

Note: Credentials are not necessary if browsing for services on the WhatsUp Gold computer.


If a domain account is used, then the expected user name is domain\user. If the device is not member of a domain, use machine name\user.


If the credentials entered on the Browse for Service dialog are not correct, and/or don't have the necessary rights, the connection will fail. In order to monitor the service on another machine, the NT Service Monitor must be configured with the correct user name and password and a user account that belongs to the administrators group on the remote machine. WhatsUp Gold highly recommends that you use an account with administrator privileges to browse for services. For more information see THIS Knowledge Base article.


In order to connect to the target computer, TCP port 135 must be open to the target computer. This port is used by the Windows Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Service, which directs Distributed COM (DCOM) traffic from remote computers. WMI uses DCOM to communicate with remote computers.;en-us;Q248809 (rare) (first) (second)

DCOM synchronous, semi-synchronous, asynchronous connections

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