Creating an Active Script Action

  1. Go to the Action Library:
    • In the WhatsUp Gold web interface, select Go > Configure > Action Library.

      - or -

    • From the main menu bar of the WhatsUp Gold console, select Configure > Action Library.
  2. In the Action Library, do one of the following:
    • Click New, then select Active Script Action.

      - or -

    • Select an existing Active Script Action, then click Edit.

      The action properties page opens.

  3. Set the appropriate options.
    • Name. The name of the action as it appears in the Action Library.
    • Description. The description of the action as it appears in the Action Library.
    • Timeout. The amount of time (in seconds) WhatsUp Gold should wait for the action script to run.

      Note: Though the maximum timeout is 60 seconds, you are highly discouraged from using a timeout longer than the default of 10 seconds. You are encouraged to use the shortest timeout possible.

    • Script type. VBScript or JScript.
    • Script text. Write or insert your action code here.
  4. Click OK to save this action. The action now appears in the Action Library.
  5. Assign the action to a device or a monitor, by using the procedure defined in: