Step 2: Configuring the firewall for Remote Site connections

Accessing the Central Site

The WhatsUp Gold distributed monitoring solution is designed to simplify firewall connections. Communications are outbound from each Remote Site back to the Central Site, so only one configuration is required for all Remote Sites to communicate back to the Central Site.

After you have set up the WhatsUp Gold Central Site, you need to determine what is required for the Remote Sites to connect across WANs, firewalls, routers, and other network security measures to communicate back to the Central Site. This information will be required as you install and configure each WhatsUp Gold Remote Site.

If you are not responsible for these network security configurations, contact the appropriate network administrator to help you identify the requirements to allow the connections in to the Central Site.

Accessing Remote Sites

Additionally, it is not required, but you can also configure the Remote Sites to be accessible via their Web interfaces. By doing so, users can drill-down from the Central Site to specific reports and data on a specific Remote Site. You can control access from the Central Site to the Remote Site by providing varying levels of user privileges to data on each Remote Site. For more information, see Configuring user accounts in the application Help.