Adding alternate media server names (Vault management properties)

Use the Vault Management Properties' Alternate Media Server Names tab to add alternate names of NetBackup media servers.

Adding alternate names for media servers simplifies configuration and helps ensure that all images eligible to be vaulted are chosen. Vault expands any occurrence of one of the names in a server name group to include all of the names in the group.

For every media server, add the fully qualified name, the short name, every name used by storage units that refer to it, and any other names by which a media server has been known. If you have multiple network interface cards (NICs) in the server, all server names associated with each NIC.

You also can create a server name group that includes different servers. Then, in the Media Servers field in the Choose Backups tab of the Profile dialog box, you only have to specify the server name group rather than the individual servers. This use of the Alternate Media Server Names dialog box lets you use one name to specify more than one server. This is useful if you want to duplicate images from multiple servers.

If you use the default, all media servers, for all of your vaults, you do not have to specify alternate media server names.

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