About the Vault attributes tab (Vault dialog box)

Use the Vault Attributes tab in the Vault dialog box to configure the attributes of a vault.

If you are configuring a vault in an ACS robot, you also can configure the media access ports (MAPs) to use for eject operations.

Table: Vault dialog box configuration options lists the Vault dialog box configuration options that you can configure in the Vault dialog box.

Table: Vault dialog box configuration options




For ACS robots only, the button used to configure media access ports for eject operations. If you click Change, the Media Access Ports dialog box appears, in which you can add or remove MAPs from the Media Access Ports to Use list.

Containers of Many Media

Select if your media is stored in containers at your off-site storage location.

Customer ID

Your customer identification if you selected Iron Mountain as your vault vendor. You may have a separate customer ID for each logical vault.

First Off-site Slot ID

The ID of the first slot in the off-site vault. This usually is provided by your vault vendor. Off-site slot IDs are often used by the vault vendor to track media. If your vendor does not use these identifiers, you can use the default first off-site slot ID of 1. Off-site slot IDs are unique only within a given vault.

Slot IDs are assigned consecutively from the starting slot number. Ensure that the number of media in the vault does not exceed the range of slot IDs assigned by the vault vendor. With every session, Vault starts with the off-site slot ID and counts upward, looking for slots that are no longer in use. Vault always fills in the gaps with newly vaulted media.

If multiple vaults are defined for the same vault vendor, divide the range of assigned slots between the various vaults. For example, if the vault vendor assigned the range 1-2000 and you defined three vaults for this vault vendor, then you can assign range 1-499 to vault 1, 500-999 to vault 2, and 1000-2000 to vault 3, assuming vault 3 has the maximum number of tapes to vault.

Media Access Ports to Use

For ACS robots only, the media access ports (MAPs) to use for media ejection for the current vault. To select or change MAPs to use, click Change.

In the About the media access ports dialog box, select the MAPs to use.

Off-site Volume Group

The name of the off-site volume group. The Off-site Volume Group indicates that media are in off-site storage. The name should describe the data, the vault vendor, the vault location, or a combination thereof so you can easily identify the volume group. Vault moves each piece of ejected media from the Robotic Volume Group into a standalone volume group (that is, a volume group that is not under the control of the robot). If the Off-site Volume Group does not exist, it is created during the vault session. The off-site volume group name may contain up to 25 characters.

If the off-site volume group does not exist, it is created during the vault session.

Robotic Volume Group

The name of the volume group associated with the robot for this vault. The Robotic Volume Group is the group that indicates that media resides in a robot. Usually, NetBackup creates a robotic volume group when media are added to a robot. A robotic library can contain volumes from more than one volume group, so a robot can have more than one robotic volume group name associated with it.

Slots for Individual Media

Select if your media is stored in slots at your off-site storage location. If you select slots, you must complete the First Off-site Slot ID field.

Vault Name

The name of the vault. The name should reflect its purpose. For example, if you are creating a vault primarily to duplicate and vault records from the finance department, you might call the vault Finance. The vault name may contain up to 25 characters.

Vault names are case sensitive.


Directory names are not case sensitive on Microsoft Windows systems. Therefore, session directories are created in the same vault\sessions\vault_name directory for two or more vaults that have names that differ only in case.

Vault Vendor

The name of your off-site vault vendor (for example, Iron Mountain). If you select Iron Mountain, you also can configure Vault to put media lists into a file formatted in compliance with Iron Mountain's electronic processing specification. You can then send this file to Iron Mountain for electronic processing of the media lists.

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